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Need a cost-effective desktop alternative to run your CloudWare client from? Then take a look at our CloudGate Mini PCs

Deliver any application, to any device.

Multiple devices including: tablet, mobile phone, laptop, smart watch and mp3 player

What is CloudWare?

CloudWare enables instant access to any of your legacy / centralized business applications from tablets, smartphones, desktops or laptops. It installs in hours and delivers seamless compatibility with end-user devices. Bandwidth overheads are extremely low, optimizing speed and latency to access applications. CloudWare’s efficient usage of server resources means you’re able to effectively scale the delivery of business-critical applications to your users. New application rollouts become a breeze. Sound to good to be true?  Just chat to our customers!

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Traditional Application Architecture
Cloudware Benefits

Applications are installed on each users Desktop or Laptop, requiring specifically compatible devices.

Application installed centrally, on both virtual and physical environments, and distributed to any device, regardless of compatibility.

The individual installs of Business Critical software on each computer must be managed, supported and maintained for that specific computer.

Business Critical Applications loaded onto a centralised private or public environment, where it is centrally supported and maintained for all users.

User devices susceptible to viruses, malware and configuration issues which can impact entire network.

Management of central environment ensures that the virtual applications are unaffected by viruses, malware and config issues on user devices.

Business applications are incompatible with majority of mobile phone and tablet devices.

Dramatically improve the use of server resources, and simplify the rollout and management of applications.

Requires a VPN connectivity & management to allow secure remote access for users outside of the primary customer premises.

Can run securely with or without VPN, enabling full AD and 2 phase authentication together with SSL certified connections.

High Bandwidth utilisation across customer’s network, in order to interact with fat client software, and database access.

Dramatically reduced bandwidth usage for applications across the customer network, and far faster interaction with database files, even over GSM.

Anti-Virus and security required for each end-user device, to ensure Business Critical Data remains secure and protected.

Anti-Virus and security managed centrally, and data never leaves the Datacenter, ensuring the highest level of protection & security.

Users able to store Business Critical information on their end-user devices, placing the security of the data at risk if stolen or compromised.

Customers can manage where content can be saved. Storage can be forced to the business environment only, ensuring security and continuity.

Customers forced into specific licensing, much of which remains dormant, or could be facilitated through open-source applications.

Customers are able to choose license requirements at a more granular level, and use combinations of both proprietary and open-source options.

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