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CloudWare vs RDS

CloudWare is a cost-effective application publishing solution that seamlessly delivers any application to any device (iPad, Android, Mac, and Linux) over any connection with no additional development required and uses minimal bandwidth! CloudWare enables instant access to ALL your business-critical applications, from a central platform anywhere, anytime. It is extremely easy to implement and manage and is the perfect enabler for businesses adopting a cloud-based IT strategy focused on virtualizing their key applications.

Benefits of CloudWare over RDS:

  • CloudWare is simpler – it can be implemented in under 30 minutes
  • CloudWare is more affordable – it uses less space and resources It offers better PperformanceIt’s printer friendly and integrates seamlessly with printer dependent applications
  • Can run on slow connectivity which is great for remote branches
  • Easy to publish legacy/non-cloud applications
  • Offers central management and control Operating system agnostic – runs on Windows and Linux
  • Extremely user friendly and easy to implement and control
  • Simple and cost-effective licensing model